MPO original transparent
Colorline - pigmented MPO
Goldline - metallic pigmented MPO


What Antonin Sedlacik says about his wonderful wax paste encaustic medium

.... Master Paste Original or MPO for short, is a white, transparent encaustic formula.It is a hand-made paste composed entirely of natural ingredients with NO toxic content, whose potential can easily be recognized by professional artists, amateurs or hobbyists.

Now available as COLORLINE™premixed colours and GOLDLINE™ premixed metallics


Primarily composed of Premium quality White Beeswax and finest natural ingredients.

Due to its balm – semi-solid like consistency, MPO™ cold Encaustic wax medium is ready to be used immediately after opening.

Successive layers applied will remain pliable for several hours or until heat exposure and its cooling time varies upon environmental temperature. 

MPO™-s unparalleled transparency and translucency provide optimal light transmission, meaning that pigments are to be applied in minimal quantities to attain the desired color saturation by reaching the brilliant spectrum of every color.

Note: in the UK this is hte low flame torch shown above:: BZ8250HT - Trigger Start Hose Torch

Looking for the Sun

Watch Antonin Sedlacik introduce his Master Paste Original Cold Wax Encaustic Medium.

Here you can discover the approaches he encourages as a sound base for working successfully with the transparent MPO medium.

*click the YouTube link in the video for other helpful videos from this great Canadian artist.

Designed for maximum performance in creative painting, the application process provides an ambiance of full peace of mind from start to end result.
The MPO is inflammable, adheres well and does not bond to skin, thereby making it easy to clean hands and tools . A remarkable property of MPO is its viscosity.
Transparency is a powerful feature; Propane butane torch, heat gun or hair dryer (on low blow) and low heat, are all principal sources of application for this particular method of cold painting encaustic. (DO NOT OVERHEAT paste above 75C/167F).
Glass palette is a must for easy and smooth mixing The use of a white paper or white painted mixing palette (on the reverse side) is beneficial to recognizing the desired tones while mixing and preparing coloured paste for its application.

MPO dries quickly after each application onto surfaces, hence not requiring a heat source, and is compatible with birch board, plywood, masonite, MDF ampersand board, cardboard, canvas or even glass surfaces. While working, it is advisible to keep a moist cloth handy.
To assure successful detailed results after each application process and fusing of the paste, the spatula should match clenching around a 45 degree angle to the pad. This allows continuous and instantaneous work the moment it has cooled.
If the heat source is not a priority at this particular time, it can be applied later when the art work is in its final stage and ready for fusing, heating, sealing or burning in.
Other qualities:
 - extremely pliable, leaving smooth layers, one on top of the other.
-stable with heat source.

- mixes well with dry pigments and oil paints.
- when heated, produces a sheen and velvet-like finish.

The recommended temperature is between 11C/51F -26C/78F. Although it can be stored at a cooler temperature, the MPO must then be allowed to attain room temperature before using it. For best results, extend this over a 24 hour period. PSDS - Product Safety Data Sheet for MPO

Painting with this encaustic paste is a relaxing and pleasurable experience, which places you directly into a zone of therapeutic and spiritual well being, accelerating a personal energetic field of authenticity in which your full potential can emerge.  

Snow Owl

Watch the skilled hands of Master Paste Original's creator, Antonin Sedlacik. Here you can discover the approaches he encourages as a sound base for working successfully with MPO.

*click the YouTube link in the video to go to the channel where there are other helpful videos from this great Canadian artist.

COLORLINE™ - MPO mixed with fine quality art pigments & ready to use from the can
See an 8 minute video on beginning COLORLINE™ - card masking
GOLDLINE™ - MPO mixed with fine quality metallic pigments & ready to use from the can