We are proud & happy to offer you
Master Paste Original
... the new cold wax & encaustic medium
Fine Art with fantastic transparency.
MPO : Created, developed & manufactured in Canada by Antonin Sedlacik

Master Paste Original is an uncoloured cold wax paste.
A great & refined versatile encaustic medium

  • It can be mixed for colouring with either dry powdered pigments or oil paint colours.
  • Application is ideal with palette knife approaches.
  • The medium can be fused between layers with a low temperature source - open flame torch, hot air gun, even a hair dryer, but keep the temperature below 75C.
  • Alternatively cold application can occur.
  • Finally fuse the surface carefully, for a beautiful velvet sheen encaustic wax finish.
  • Polish with a soft cloth to bring up that wax shine.
Mindscape Momento : Michael Bossom
Video information
MPO Basic Layers : Antonin Sedlacik

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Some methods of using MPO by Michael Bossom - Welsh UK encaustic artist
Some methods of using MPO by Michael Bossom - Welsh UK encaustic artist
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